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Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park has seen a number of upgrades in recent years, but the park is due for a major overhaul. In 2017, a new playground was installed with the help of Kaboom, a nationwide non-profit. In 2019 a splash pad and new restroom facilities were installed along with two new shade shelters.

Veterans Memorial Ball Fields are in need of upgrades as well. The old wooden light poles and halogen lights will be upgraded to new LED lights. The snack bar and restroom facilities are also in need of replacement. The entire irrigation system for the park is in need of a major upgrade as some of the pipes in the ground are 50+ years old.

The Veterans Memorial Wall is also located at Veterans Memorial Park. The Board of Directors has proposed to relocate the wall to a more prominent location near the front fo the park off Riverview Dr.

Designs are anticipated to begin in 2024.

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