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About Us

The Jurupa Area Recreation and Park District (“JARPD”) was formed in 1984. Our charter was simple: To provide parks and recreational facilities for current and future families in the 91752 and 92509 zip code areas. (Map)
That objective may sound fairly straightforward on the surface, but it barely hints at the complex goings-on between JARPD and various developers, as well as local and state agencies. Creating community parks and recreation facilities requires a great deal of advance planning, strategizing and educated guesswork regarding what the future holds for our service area.

 With the growth of the Jurupa area, JARPD has grown too. We currently offer a wide variety of year-round recreational opportunities at 38 different Parks and Recreation Facilities throughout the Jurupa area.

The District is proud of our service to the Jurupa community over the last 38 years. But even more importantly, our ongoing efforts will continue to ensure the availability and quality of recreational opportunities as the area continues to grow. 

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