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JARPD's Annual Holiday Home Decorating Contest

Congrats to the winners of JARPD's Annual Holiday Home Decorating Contest! Thank you for all who toured the nominated houses and neighborhood blocks and voted for their favorites. Happy Holidays to all!

Map of Holiday Home Decorating Contest Winners

Below is the full list of this year's Holiday Home Decorating Contest Winners:

Cutest Nominated House - 5209 Morro Ct.

May contain: festival


Best Use of Lights by a Home - 6839 Reflection Way

May contain: nature, outdoors, bench, furniture, winter, night, person, snowman, and snow


Best Holiday Spirit by a Home - 7967 Linares Ave.

May contain: lighting, tree, and plant


Most Creative Home - 8514 Running Gait Ln.

May contain: lighting, light, building, and architecture


Cutest Nominated Neighborhood - Reflection Way Neighborhood 

May contain: car, vehicle, transportation, christmas decorations, festival, christmas, christmas tree, and lighting


Best Use of Lights by a Neighborhood - Grinnell Drive Neighborhood

May contain: road, tarmac, car, vehicle, transportation, freeway, intersection, lighting, highway, bus, metropolis, urban, and city


Best Holiday Spirit by a Neighborhood - Mercury Court Neighborhood

House with christmas lights


Most Creative Neighborhood - 6130 Camino Real Sp. #176-180

May contain: lighting, person, and festival



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